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Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time

Apr 27, 2018

Hammer Time 25 - "The White Snake" 

  • Momo No Go! The story of how Mark Brickey went to his high school graduation alone and tried to ruin it for the rest of his graduating class by standing and accepting every single award. 
  • Everyone is adding on your bill, kitchen tips, 2.5% quality add-on, resort fees at hotels that clearly aren't resorts and $42 a night parking. The hipster middles class is getting squeezed every which way you go and Hammer Time crew is pissed. 
  • Brickey put a deposit down on a car, but it's not what you're thinking. The legend of Dan Stiles and the Gambler 500. 
  • The greatest idea ever for an Every Time I Die tour that combines America's favorite past times, ETID & NASCAR. 
  • Remembering the moment when childhood pranks lose their humor and gain serious consequences. The joke goes bad. 
  • Tavo gets left on a Texas highway for border control to find, and Hammer loses his shit on the friend that stayed behind. 

In The Circle of Trust

  • Using a Treo smartphone to find Chipotle. The early days of touring without technology. 
  • Everyone is on the grid! How it's impossible to not exist on social media and how no one can get away with anything. Anonymous, just doesn't survive. 
  • How to get Hammer Time talking to its listeners again? Tavo's Pinata has gone dry! We miss you guys. 
  • The most celebrated event that Hammer Time could ever attend, a family party over at Tavo's. 
  • Brickey sits in with the mariachi band on jug. 
  • Does Tavo's family call Mexican food just food? 
  • Remembering how funny the first Jackass movie was.